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Reporting an Abandoned Vehicle

Please answer the questions in the form below, clicking on the NEXT button to proceed to the next page of the form. When you have completed the form please click on the SUBMIT button. Alternatively you can contact the UConnect Customer Services Team on 01799 510510
iCM Form
  1. About You
  2. About the Vehicle
    1. What is the vehicle make, model and colour?*
    2. You can check if a vehicle is taxed by clicking on this link to the website and entering the vehicle registration number.
    3. Is the vehicle taxed?
  3. About the location
    1. If "Other" please enter details in "Any Additional Details" at the end of the form
    2. Location of vehicle (e.g.closest identifiable landmark, road, pub etc..)
    3. Nearest town or village *
    4. How long has the vehicle been there without moving? *
  4. Label
    1. Please proceed to the next page.
  5. Label