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District Statistics

Welcome to the District Statistics page. This section of the website contains useful links to census data that is on the Neighbourhood Statistics website and downloads from Public Health England.

Census 2011

This page provides data from the first release from the 2011 Census of population for England and Wales conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It provides a snapshot of the usually resident population of the Uttlesford District as at Census Day, 27 March 2011 and various comparators used in the quality assurance process. This is a summary version of the information that was made available to the Quality Assurance Panel during quality assurance of the census estimates.

Information is provided on the usually resident population at national, regional, county and constituent Local Authority District and Unitary Authority level, by age and sex. The census population estimates are provided by five year age band below national level. Data contained within the pack are rounded to the nearest 100. There may be inconsistencies with comparator data published elsewhere because of rounding, disclosure control and processing to ensure consistency with census definitions. Separate tables for all local authorities and regions also published as part of the first release can be downloaded via the link below:

Local authority quality assurance section of the ONS website ►

The following sheets are available here:

pdf icon Explanatory materials [12kb] - This contains links to a series of explanatory reports on methods and quality, published on the ONS website, which support the release of census population estimates. Also included is a brief guide to terms used.

spreadsheets icon Key statistics [4Mb]  - Comparative statistics and charts for the 2001 and 2011 Census covering the Uttlesford District. Contains counts and proportions for passports held, country of birth, health (day-to-day), health (general), health (care), religion, ethnic group, economic activity, tenure, car availability, qualifications and students. 

pdf icon Uttlesford total estimate of usual residents [9kb]  - This contains census counts and estimates of usual residents, households containing at least one usual resident and the number of occupied dwellings according to Communities and Local Government Council Tax data for the Uttlesford District, the East of England region, and England and Wales as a whole.

pdf icon Uttlesford age-sex population distributions [144kb]  - This contains tables and graphs displaying the census and comparator totals by five year age group and sex for the selected LA. A separate table and graph containing sex ratios for the Uttlesford District.

pdf icon County and Region proportional comparisons [27kb]  - This contains comparisons of the proportionate distribution of census estimates by five year age, and sex, between the Uttlesford District, Essex and the East of England, as well as England and Wales as a whole.

pdf icon Regional totals of short-term UK residents by sex and broad age [10kb]  - This contains short term UK resident totals by sex for the Uttlesford District and regional totals by broad age and sex.

pdf icon County age-sex population distribution [138kb]  - This contains  comparator data by five year age group and sex, as well as sex ratios, are shown for Essex. A separate table indicates which local authorities are contained within the selected county.

Additional analysis

pdf icon West Essex: Census profile data [1Mb]  Overview of the key ONS Census 2011 results (releases 1 and 2) for the West Essex sub-region focused on those statistics directly and indirectly connected to the resident's employment status and includes comparisons with 2001 results. 

pdf icon Demographic data from 2011 Census : Uttlesford [36kb]  - Analysis of the 2011 Census Uttlesford population proportions by quinary age band and sex.

Parish data from 2011 Census - Datasheets covering 12 different statistics for the parishes of Dunmow and Saffron Walden in Uttlesford.

spreadsheets icon Supplementary ethnic group tables for local authorities in England and Wales from 2011 Census [917kb]  - Analysis of the 2011 Census Uttlesford population proportions by ethnicity with extracted charts and tables for the Uttlesford District.

pdf icon Census 2011: Summary of Uttlesford residents by ethnicity grouping [58kb] 

spreadsheets icon Table KS01 Usual resident population 1991-2001 [129kb]  - 1991 and 2001 Census figures for population

District Health data from Public Health England

pdf icon Public Health England 2014 Health Profile of the Uttlesford District [573kb] - The health of people in Uttlesford is generally better than the England Average. Deprivation is lower than average, however about 8.3% (1,200) children live in poverty. Life expectancy for both men and women is higher than the England average.

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