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Housing Options and Homelessness

The housing advice and options service offers free and confidential advice to anyone who has housing problems or who needs help with finding somewhere to live.

Finding accommodation

We can help you find a place to live. We cannot guarantee that we can secure a home for everyone, but we can provide information about renting privately and advise on your housing options. If you find accommodation and you are on a low income, we can advise on housing benefit to help you with the rent. See also our pages on:

Applying for council or housing association accommodation

HomeOption - choice based lettings scheme

Housing associations

Rent deposit guarantee scheme

Sheltered Accommodation

Homelessness prevention

Wherever possible, we will work with you to try to prevent you from becoming homeless. If you are experiencing problems which put you at risk of homelessness it is important that you contact the housing advice and options team as soon as possible.

You should make every effort to try to solve the housing difficulties you may be facing and ask for advice early. A housing advice officer will work with you to try to prevent you losing your current home, or discuss the options available to you to prevent you from becoming homeless.

If you are homeless, you may make a homeless application. However, we only have a legal duty to provide accommodation for some households who are homeless. See also our pages on:

Homelessness FAQ

Domestic violence

Sanctuary scheme

Relationship breakdown


Your rights if you are renting accommodation from a private landlord

Our Housing Advice/Options Team can provide information to tenants of private landlords on their legal rights in relation to their tenancy or other queries.

► More information on private renting

Tackling harassment and illegal eviction

All tenants have the right to "quiet enjoyment" of their home, and if this is being interfered with in any way by your landlord you should seek advice straight way. We have the powers to deal with harassment and illegal eviction and will prosecute when it is appropriate. For more information or advice contact the Housing Advice Options Team or the Council's Legal Department.


Advice for young single people 16-25

We can advise you on the housing options available for young people in Uttlesford. We may be able to refer you to mediation to try and solve problems at home or refer you to a supported housing project. We can also refer you to agencies who can advise you on benefits, training and employment. For more information you can contact the Housing Advice/Options Team. See also our pages on:

► Relate - Mediation Scheme

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