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The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme

The aim of the Scheme is to help people rent privately by offering a deposit guarantee to landlords. The deposit guarantee is usually offered as a bond in the form of a three way agreement, not as a cash payment.

Please note that it is normal practice in the private rented sector to pay rent in advance and you will usually be expected to pay the months rent at the point that the tenancy is signed. The deposit guarantee does not cover this cost. If you find a property through a lettings agent then you may also need to pay the agency a fee.

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Key considerations

  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a home or that you will be able to find one yourself.
  • You will be encouraged to find a landlord yourself. You might find a landlord by looking in the local newspaper, asking a letting agent or by advertising yourself.
  • The guarantee will only be given in respect of a property if it is the right size for your needs and if the rent is considered reasonable for housing benefit purposes. If you are not in receipt of housing benefit the rent must compare with rents for similar property in the area and must be considered affordable according to your circumstances.
  • There will be an upper limit on the amount of deposit that can be guaranteed. We will advise you on this limit.
  • If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you must let the landlord know during the initial negotiations.
  • You must make sure that the rent you agree to pay is in line with the local housing allowance for the area and the size of the property. The Council's Housing Benefit department can give you advice on this.
  • The landlord or the letting agent will ask for both a deposit and a month's rent in advance. You may also be asked to pay an administration fee. The Council is only authorised to guarantee the deposit. You will be responsible for paying the rent in advance and any fees.
  • You will be expected to save to replace the deposit guarantee with a deposit of your own. The guarantee will be for one year initially but may be renewed on application to the Council.
  • The Council is not the agent or representative of either party. We simply facilitate the granting of a tenancy through the issue of the guarantee.
    In signing the deposit guarantee agreement you are agreeing to repay to the Society any money paid to a landlord or agent under the terms of the agreement..

Advice and assistance you can expect from the Council

  • Advice on how to find a suitable property to rent.
  • Advice on suitability and affordability.
  • Assistance with making an application for housing benefit.
  • Assistance to reach agreement with a landlord.
  • Guidance through the letting process.

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