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Housing Associations

Housing associations are 'Registered Social Landlords' (RSL) not private landlords. They provide housing in a very similar way to the Council and are non-profit making. They are run by Committees, who are unpaid, and managed by paid, professional housing officers.

People who rent a housing association property must meet their rules and conditions of tenancy. The housing association will carry out most repairs.

The Housing Corporation

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) took over responsibility for the regulation of social housing providers in England from the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) on 1 April 2012.

On the Homes and Communities Agency website you can find out some basic information on housing associations (RSLs) currently registered and out which RSLs have properties in Uttlesford District Council by using the link below:

►  Homes and Communities Agency (External link)

Housing Association FAQS

Is the tenancy secure?
Housing associations offer "assured tenancies" which offer security similar to a council tenancy. There is a special Tenants Charter which protects tenants' rights.

Is the rent more expensive?
Housing association rents tend to be higher than council rents. But, many of their properties are a lot newer than council properties. Also, Council and RSL rents are being brought into line according to Government guidelines. The rent is very reasonable compared to the cost of renting a similar home privately. People living on a low incomes may qualify for housing benefit.

Do housing association tenants have the right to buy and receive a discount?
In certain cases, you may be able to buy your home from the housing association at a discount. Contact your housing association for details.

Can housing association tenants move to a council property?
Housing association tenants can apply to their association if they want to move, in the same way as council tenants. They can also join the Council's Housing Register and will be assessed in the same way as all other applicants and our own tenants.

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