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Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG)

A disabled facilities grants are available to carry out adaptations to  homes (including mobile homes) to enable disabled people to live as comfortably and independently as possible in their home. Eligible work is wide ranging, from  providing amenities, for example a level access shower, to access, for example ramps and stairlifts.

An application can be made by home owners, tenants and landlords on behalf of a disabled person and all homes are eligible other than UDC owned stock, as the housing section operates a scheme to provide these adaptations. The adaptations for  the disabled person need to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist before an application can be made.

The grant is mandatory under the Housing Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as amended, which requires the Council to establish that the recommended works are necessary and appropriate, and reasonable and practicable, having regard to the age and condition of the property.

The maximum DFG is £30,000.

In some cases, a person's existing home may not be suitable for adaptation. And assistance may be available to relocate to more suitable accommodation.

Financial contribution

Applicants will be subject to an assessment  of their financial circumstances ( test of resources) to determine how much they will be required to contribute towards the cost of the works. Families of disabled children or where a disabled person or their partner is in receipt of a means tested benefit, will not be subject to a test of resources.

The assessed contribution of any applicant will be reduced by the amount they have previously contributed towards housing grants at their property within 10 years preceding the application date if they are an owner, or 5 years if they are a tenant.

Grant Conditions

The applicant will be required to confirm that it is their intention that the disabled person will live in the dwelling for 5 years after the work is completed.

In accordance with government guidance, where funding in excess of £5000 is provided to an owner occupier, the funding amount between £5000 up to £15,000 will be repayable if there is a sale or transfer of the property within 10 years of the date of completion. A condition is registered as a local land charge on the property.

The Council has discretion to waive the repayment condition or reduce the amount repayable in exceptional circumstances.

Grants will not be paid for any works carried out prior to approval of an application unless prior written agreement is provided by the Council.

Uttlesford Housing Repair Assistance

All applicants need to be in receipt of a means tested benefit to receive the grant, which is up to £3000, or up to £5000 in the case of mobile homes where thermal insulation or energy efficiency measures are carried out in addition to repairs. For additional work over the grant limit, an interest free loan of up to £7000 can be given, which becomes repayable once the property is sold or the applicant no longer lives there.

Home Improvement Agency

The Council supports a Home Improvement Agency, Papworth HIA, to provide technical and administrative support to grant applicants. Papworth also offer a handyman and gardening service.

pdf icon Click here to view Papworth HIA leaflet [974kb] 

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