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Aims and principles

We aim to safeguard and improve the health, safety and environment of our community by delivering a wide range of enforcement services in a fair and consistent way. More about Aims and principles>>


We will carry out our enforcement duties in a fair, even and consistent manner while exercising discretion in individual cases. We will adopt arrangements to promote consistency, including liaison with other enforcement authorities and agencies. We will ensure consistency among our officers through the use of effective management training and development.


We will always ensure that any action required by our service is proportional to the risks. As far as the law allows, we will take account of the circumstances of each case and the attitude of the operator when considering action. We will always make clear the difference between what is a legal requirement and what is recommended as best practice. We will always endeavour to recover our expenses in relation to legal action from the offender.


Our aim is to help people to comply with the law, rather than catch them out whilst breaking it. We will be courteous to our customers at all times, our staff will identify themselves by name and all our customers will be given a contact number to use in any future dealings with the services. In all our dealings we will strive to work as speedily as possible and in the most cost-effective manner. All applications for approval of establishments, licences, registrations, etc., will be dealt with efficiently and promptly. We will ensure that wherever practicable, our enforcement services are effectively co-ordinated to minimise unnecessary overlaps and time delays.


We will publish information and advice in plain English and we will ensure that all those who need to have access to it will be able to. Where necessary, we will translate relevant documents into other languages in order that all sections of our community may have access to it. We will be open about the way we do things, about the way we set our charges and about what we expect from the people we deal with. We shall make ourselves available to talk to those in need of advice at all reasonable times.


We will set clear standards of service and performance in order that everyone knows what to expect of us. Where necessary, we will consult with the public, businesses and all other interested parties. We will publish our standards and we will measure ourselves against those standards.


We will provide clear simple advice concerning the difference between legal requirements and best practice. Before formal enforcement action is taken, our officers will fully discuss alternative courses of action in order that points of difference may be resolved.

Where our officers consider that immediate action is necessary, they will give an explanation of why such action is required at the time and this will be confirmed in writing within five working days, unless legislation dictates a shorter period.

Where people have a right of appeal against action taken by this service, we will ensure that they get advice on the appeal mechanism and this will be clearly set out in writing at the time the action is taken.

Contact Enforcement

Abandoned Vehicles01799 510326 Benefit Fraud01799 510366
Flytipping01799 510326 Licensing01799 510395 or 510326
Litter01799 510326 Trade Waste01799 510545