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Aims and Principles

We aim to safeguard and improve the health, safety and environment of our community by delivering a wide range of enforcement services in a fair and consistent way.

We have adopted the Government's Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) Statutory Code of Practice for Regulators (Dec 2007) and support the following statement:

This enforcement policy helps to promote efficient and effective approaches to regulatory inspection and enforcement, which improve regulatory outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens. This is in accordance with the Regulator's Compliance Code.

In certain instances we may conclude that a provision in the Code is either not relevant or is outweighed by another provision. We will ensure that any decision to depart from the Code will be properly reasoned, based on material evidence and documented.

In addition when undertaking enforcement action involving prosecution or simple cautions we will take account of the Crown Prosecution Service's Code for Crown Prosecutors 2004.

We will listen to the concerns, needs and views of consumers, business owners, employees and the public, and will endeavour to reflect their interests in the implementation of this enforcement policy. We will work closely with all business owners or others who may be subject to this enforcement policy, to help them to comply with the law.

We will, when necessary, take firm action against those who commit serious offences, or those who consistently breach the law.

We will uphold the human rights of all those we have dealings with.

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