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The Powers

Briefly, the main measures available to the Council are:

(a) the service of an Enforcement or Stop Notice, the maximum penalty for failing to comply being £20,000;

(b) entering land and carrying out work itself to ensure compliance and recovering the costs of so doing;

(c) injunction proceedings in the courts to stop unauthorised development;

(d) the planning contravention notice to obtain information about activities on land where a breach of control is suspected.

(e) the breach of condition notice to ensure the condition attached to a planning permission is complied with.

(f) prosecution proceedings in the Criminal Court for failing to comply with the notice.

Contact Enforcement

Abandoned Vehicles01799 510326 Benefit Fraud01799 510366
Flytipping01799 510326 Licensing01799 510395 or 510326
Litter01799 510326 Trade Waste01799 510545