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Equality Impact Assessments

An equality impact assessment involves assessing the likely or actual effects of policies or services on people in respect of disability, gender and racial equality. It helps us to make sure the needs of people are taken into account when we develop and implement a new policy or service or when we make a change to a current policy or service.

In the table below you can view equality impact assessments which have been undertaken by the council, listed under the department to which they relate. Click on the name of the strategy, policy, project, contract or decision to view the document.


Equality Impact Assessment


pdf icon Executive Arrangements - To move from Committee to Cabinet government from May 2011 [233kb]19.10.2010
 pdf icon Devolution of Car Park and Public Convenience at Margaret Street Thaxted to Thaxted Parish Council [208kb]07.03.2012
  Forward Plan EQIA [249kb]20.06.2013
General Fund and Council Tax EQIA [241kb]28.02.2013
pdf icon Procurement Strategy 2018/19 [1Mb]27.05.2015
  Budget 2015-16 EQIA [316kb]17.02.2015
  Budget 2016-17 - EQIA [318kb]25.02.2016
  Procurement strategy EQIA [302kb]26.05.2016
Corporate Services
pdf icon Pay Policy - To allocate financial resources to UDC services enabling corporate priorities, statutory requirements and policy objectives to be met [213kb]23.02.2012
  Pay Policy 2013-14 EQIA [255kb]28.02.2013
  Pay Policy 2014-15 EQIA [239kb]27.02.2014
  Pay Policy 2015-16 EQIA [299kb]14.04.2015
  Asset Management Plan EQIA [245kb]20.06.2016
  Pay Policy 2016-17 EQIA [304kb]25.02.2016
pdf icon Greater Essex demographic forecasts - Selection of demographic forecast scenario for new development plan [225kb]05.04.2012
 pdf icon Consultation on Gypsy and Traveller Issues and Options consultation document [332kb]05.12.2014
  Economic Development Strategy EQIA [333kb]07.04.2016
 pdf icon Regulation 18 Local Plan 2017 [238kb]29.06.2017
pdf icon Housing Revenue Account and Business Plan [262kb]23.02.2012
 pdf icon Day centres - policy on lettings income and donations, transfer of maintenance responsibility for Stansted centre, responsibility for employment of the cook at the Thaxted centre and responsibility for the costs of the cook at the Takeley centre [245kb]05.04.2012
 pdf icon West Essex Tenancy Strategy EqIA [127kb]  
  Allocations policy EQIA [339kb]04.12.2014
  Homelessness Strategy EQIA [404kb]09.12.2015
  HRA Business Plan EQIA [406kb]09.12.2015
  Housing strategy 2016 -2021 EQIA [413kb]12.01.2016
  Allocations policy EQIA [408kb]12.01.2016
  Housing Related Support service changes EQIA [402kb]12.01.2016
Recycling and Waste
pdf icon Equalities impact assessment - wheeled bin garden waste collection [254kb]08.09.2011
 pdf icon Equalities Impact Assessment -introduction of glass into glass recyclable [250kb]08.09.2011
 pdf icon Equalities impact assessment - textiles recycling [253kb]08.09.2011
 pdf icon Equalities impact assessment - Food waste caddies [253kb]08.09.2011
 pdf icon Equalities Impact Assessment - 4 day working week [254kb]08.09.2011
 pdf icon Equalities Impact Assessment -withdrawal of weekend civic amenity collection [251kb]08.09.2011
Revenues and Benefits
pdf icon Harlow District Council and Uttlesford District Council Revenues and Benefits Shared Service Equality Impact Assessment [156kb]22.06.2011
  Flooding due to adverse weather Council Tax Discount Policy EQIA [306kb]17.09.2014
Community and Leisure
Museum Store EQIA [255kb]20.06.2013
Museum Collections Development Policy EQIA [310kb]17.09.2014
  Museum Customer Care Policy EQIA [312kb]17.09.2014
  Museum Documentation Policy and Plan EQIA [310kb]17.09.2014
  Museum Environmental Sustainability Policy EQIA [309kb]17.09.2014
  Museum Learning Policy EQIA  [311kb]17.09.2014
  Museum Care Conservation Policy and Plan EQIA  [310kb]17.09.2014
pdf icon Consultation Strategy [359kb]07.02.2011
 pdf icon Uttlesford Voices Citizens Panel [359kb]07.02.2011

Please note this page is being updated on a regular basis. If you have any queries regarding an equality impact assessment which relates to a particular council service or policy, please contact the council using the contact details below.

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