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BME Housing Needs Survey

The principal aim of the study was to assist all Essex Local Authorities and housing providers to give equal access to services for people from BME backgrounds, ensuring that the culture exists that will empower these communities and integrate their needs and aspirations into every day housing provider activities.

The report is called pdf icon Facing the Facts (Essex Equality & Diversity Project, 2003) [656kb]. In order for it to be undertaken it was recognized that the research study would need:

  • To collate and document the information held by housing providers across Essex as well as other agencies on the BME communities in specific localities;
  • To define which services may need to be promoted to minority groups, such as housing advice, welfare rights;
  • To define those groups most likely to benefit from enhanced communication (including access to services) and information in a range of formats, such as minority languages, tape recorded information, web-based information and so on;
  • To identify methods for on-going engagement and communication between service providers and identified BME groups as well as specific means of facilitating this on-going engagement;
  • To identify the full range of issues, which may act as a barrier to BME communities to access services; and
  • To ensure that any research findings that have a bearing on investment strategies either for existing or potential new housing are highlighted.

No previous study of the housing needs of the BME community in Essex has been undertaken and, with the exception of one other study in Bedfordshire, this is the first study of its kind to adopt a county-wide approach to a BME housing needs assessment.


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