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Single Person Discount - council tax enquiry form

Please answer the questions which apply to you in the form below. When you have completed the form please click on the SUBMIT button. Alternatively you can contact the UConnect Customer Services Team on 01799 510510

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory
iCM Form
  1. Property details
  2. Your circumstances
    1. Are you the only person over 18 years old living in the property? *
    2. If you now live alone because another person living in your home has moved, please provide their name, forwarding address, the date they left the property and the reason they moved i.e. an extended period of travel, relationship breakdown, for work purposes:
    3. Label
      1. Does your partner or spouse reside elsewhere for work or other purposes? *
    4. Label
      1. Do you have any other homes? *
  3. Your contact details
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