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Climate Local Strategy and Action Plan

Uttlesford District Council has been actively progressing the climate change agenda for many years.

This Climate Local Strategy replaces the former Natural Resource Strategy 2010-2014. The new strategy will cover the period 2015 - 2018, setting out our objectives and a framework for local action on climate change and energy over the next four years. We intend to lead by example, as an organisation the Council will continue to review and reduce the impact it has on the environment and that of the services it delivers in the district.

We will support our residents, communities and businesses in building climate resilience to the impacts of climate change, reducing carbon emissions and costs from energy use. We will address the associated issues of fuel poverty and health and wellbeing and economic resilience. The Council will continue to work in partnership with local groups, organisations and businesses to deliver action and help the district mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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