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Maps of the District

On this page you can find maps showing both the area that the district of Uttlesford covers and its position relative to the county of Essex and the region of East Anglia.

You can use the links to open the maps below to view them in your browser, or save them to your computer to view at your leisure.

pdf icon Uttlesford: towns, villages and major roads [427kb]

pdf icon Uttlesford: wards and parish boundaries [852kb]

County councillor divisions (see below)

pdf icon Uttlesford: districts in East Anglia [75kb]

pdf icon Uttlesford: major towns and roads in East Anglia [554kb]

The red county division lines on the third map listed show how the district is divided for representation on Essex County Council.

► Click here for information on the County Councillors representing the four divisions within the Uttlesford District.