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Conservation Area Article 4 Directions

Property owners may normally carry out certain minor works without the need to apply for planning permission from the Local Planning Authority under rights which are granted by Parliament through legislation. These are called 'permitted development rights', and the rights relating to them are defined in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended).

Under Article 4 of the Order, a Local Authority may make a direction to remove such rights if it feels that such development would be harmful to the character of an area. Where an Article 4 direction is in force, you must obtain planning permission prior to undertaking the works which are covered by the Article 4 Direction. There are no planning fees payable for applications which are required as a result of an Article 4 direction being imposed.

The Council is currently reviewing the conservation areas within the District and serving Article 4 Directions on some properties within the conservation areas. Please see below details of the orders served. You can also search to see if individual properties are subject to any Article 4 Directions by using our Local Land Charges and Searches mapping function.

Please note that all the orders and associated maps have been scanned as PDF files. Many of these files are large and could take some time to download.

Orders Served and confirmed

Great Chesterford

 Great Dunmow 


Stansted Mountfitchet

Orders served

None at present

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If you need further guidance on applying for planning permission, please see our planning advice page.