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Member attendance records

This page provides annual summaries of member attendance records for all councillors at meetings of the Council, Cabinet, Committees and Working or Task Groups.

Annual summaries of member attendance are set out at the foot of this page, showing records from the 2013-14 municipal year onwards, with each year beginning at the Annual Council meeting in May. These documents give attendance statistics for all councillors at meetings of the Council, Cabinet, Committees and Working or Task Groups to which they have been appointed, or to which they receive standing invitations to attend. Membership of any of these bodies can change during a municipal year. In instances where this has happened, only attendance at meetings during the period any given councillor was a member have been counted.

Any meetings not attended by the Democratic Services team, such as some task group meetings, member workshops and meetings of external bodies) have not been included in the attendance figures. Details of the external bodies concerned are listed under each individual councillor's details.

A general point to note when considering this attendance data is that it is by no means wholly indicative of the work councillors undertake. They also attend workshops, training and meetings with officers regarding their roles within the Council, are appointed to a wide variety of external community based or strategic organisations, and have an important ward responsibility in representing constituents and answering their concerns. Taken alone, therefore, the figures should not be seen as the only indicator of a councillor's effectiveness.

It is further important to recognise that attendance at meetings can in some instances be affected by personal circumstances, such as bereavement or ill-health.

As well as the annual attendance summaries below, more detailed information on member attendance since the beginning of the 2017-18 year is also available.

pdf icon Member Attendance Record 2017-18 [242kb]
pdf icon Member Attendance Record 2016-17 [189kb]
pdf icon Member Attendance Record 2015-16 [26kb]
pdf icon Member Attendance Record 2014-15 [33kb]
pdf icon Member Attendance Record 2013-14 [23kb]


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