What is Emergency Planning

What is an Emergency?

An event or situation which threatens serious damage to:

  • Human welfare in a place in the UK
  • The environment in a place in the UK
  • Or war or terrorism which threatens serious damage to the security of the UK

As a result of any of the above it would require a response beyond the everyday resources of the emergency services and those departments and organisations that support them.

Emergencies are normally unpredictable and can be caused for example by:

  • Severe weather
  • Technical/industrial accidents
  • Power failure
  • Transport incident/accident

They can happen suddenly for instance an aircraft crash or can be more gradual like flooding following heavy rain - both equally traumatic and upsetting for those involved.

Emergency Plan

The council has an emergency plan that will guide its actions in the event of an emergency.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004

The purpose of the act is to establish a framework for civil protection at local level.
Local responders (Local Authorities being one of these) are the basis of resilience in the UK.
To help increase this resilience Uttlesford District Council have generic plans that set out our response and detail how we would work together with emergency services and other agencies in dealing with an incident. See link

What can I do to help myself?

Go in Stay in and Tune in

In some incidents the emergency services will advise you to Go in Stay in and Tune in to local radio stations as it may be safer for you to stay indoors than be outside.

Local radio stations would be a good source of information as we work in partnership to ensure that the community we serve are kept informed as best as possible. Local radio stations that cover the whole of Uttlesford between them are:

  • Essex FM 102.6
  • BBC Essex 103.5 & 95.3
  • BBC Cambs 95.7 & 96.0
  • TEN - 17 10.17
  • Dream 107.0

What if I have pets?

If you have pets, the following guidance will be of interest:


Emergencies abroad

For those of you who are planning to travel abroad, whether a short holiday or long term trip, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has introduced a new service which when registered can help to track you or your loved ones down in the event of an emergency.

Contact Uttlesford District Council

Tel: 01799 510510 Email: uconnect@uttlesford.gov.uk

Ask for Emergency Planning during office hours. Out of hours, please call the above number for an alternative contact.

In the event of an immediate emergency call 999

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