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The petitions below have been received by Uttlesford District Council.

Any petitions accepted by the council under the council's petition scheme will be included on this page.

Public speaking on Stansted Airport application

Description: The petition asks that public speaking arrangements on Stansted Airport's Planning application be extended to at least 3 days.

Planning Application UTT/18/0460/FUL proposes airfield works comprising two new taxiway links to the existing runway (a Rapid Access Taxiway and a Rapid Exit Taxiway), six additional remote aircraft stands (adjacent Yankee taxiway) and three additional aircraft stands.

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Chalky Meadows

Description: The petition calls on the District Council to grant Chalky Meadows the status of being an asset of community value.

Chalky Meadows, Thaxted has been nominated as an Asset of Community Value by Thaxted Parish Council.

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Signatures: 161

Closing date: Closed

Refugees welcome in Uttlesford

Description: The petition calls on the District Council to officially offer to home 50 refugee families.

Set up and administer a Refugee Working Group (to be appointed at the Cabinet meeting on 17 September) in accordance with the following adopted motion:

The Council has great sympathy for refugees from the conflicts in Syria and elsewhere and will co-operate with Government initiatives to accommodate and support refugees who come to this country.

The Council considers that an Essex-wide multi-agency approach to accommodating refugees is the best way forward and will contribute positively and constructively to meet assessed needs.

The Council further supports the Churches' Refugee Network and will work with other initiatives, local communities and individuals to find accommodation and other human needs for refugees within the Uttlesford area such as secure access to education, health, welfare and other vital services as may be required.

Working with Community representatives and other organisations, and being mindful of the refugee status granted by Government, the Council will start and maintain a database of organisations and individuals who are able to offer accommodation or make other contributions to the welfare of refugees in the Uttlesford area.

The Cabinet is recommended to establish a Refugee Working Group to oversee and manage the implementation of these policies. A report from the chairman of the working group will be a standing item on each Cabinet agenda for the duration of the emergency.

The working group will include representatives of all political groups on the Council to be established at the Cabinet meeting on the following evening.

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Signatures: 233

Closing date: Closed