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Uttlesford District Council's Housing Allocations Scheme

The council  implemented its latest Allocation Scheme on 1 January 2015 and updated it on 23 July 2015 following a decision by Cabinet.

As from this date, applicants must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to join the council's housing register and be a member of HomeOption

  • lived in the district for the past three years,
  • be receiving support from immediate family members who have lived in the district for the past five years
  • worked permanently in the district for the past three years for at least 24 hours a week

As well as the local connection criteria there are financial eligibility criteria that applicants are required to meet. If an applicant is judged to have sufficient money from income or savings to be able to meet their own housing costs by either open market purchase or open market renting they will not be eligible to join the housing register.

Full details of the new Allocations Scheme and all the eligibility criteria can be found on the HomeOption website at or in the

Housing Allocations Scheme - January 2016 ►

(Applicants who were on the housing register prior to 1st January 2015 will have their application cancelled when it is identified that they no longer meet the  eligibility criteria as set out in the Allocation Scheme. Any expressions of interest made by ineligible applicants will be discounted. Applicants will be notified in writing if their application has been cancelled.)

If you have any queries regarding the Allocation Scheme then please contact the housing options team on 01799 510510.

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