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Verge Cutting - December 2016

We are aware that the verges in the district are currently showing a lot of litter.

Essex County Council have recently cut back the hedges and verges along the roadsides of the district to improve visibility and pedestrian access.  As always, this exposes a lot of litter that has remained buried in the undergrowth and we are aware that it is unsightly.

We are arranging for crews to patrol the verges and clear any litter they come across, and the street cleansing team are working as hard as they can to get this done as soon as possible.

Obviously we do not want to see the district covered in litter, and neither do the vast majority of residents, but there are still some people who feel it is not a problem to throw rubbish from their vehicles or over their shoulders as they walk the footpaths.

Don't forget that if you see an instance of littering, you can report it to us here, and if we can trace the culprit, our enforcement team are able to issue a £75 fine for littering.

21 December 2016