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Great Dunmow town centre businesses seek a new chairperson

Are you the person to lead the Great Dunmow Town Team to new heights in 2017 and beyond?

Dunmow Town Team

Are you the person to lead the Great Dunmow Town Team to new heights in 2017 and beyond?

The Town Team, comprising local business owners, managers and other stakeholders, are seeking a determined and charismatic new chairperson.

Apart from having some spare time, business acumen, diplomatic skills and drive to make things happen, the most crucial requirement for the role is a desire to play a leading role in ensuring the town centre's future vitality and viability.

Although it is a voluntary role the reward comes from working with a group of motivated individuals who have come together as the Town Team and the recognition that will come from succeeding in this role.

Roles and responsibilities

The principal role of the chairperson is to manage and provide leadership to the Town Team to ensure it is effective in its tasks of agreeing and implementing its town centre action plan. You may need to roll your sleeves up and get involved at times too.

The chairperson is accountable to the Town Team and acts as liaison between the team and all the businesses and stakeholders in the town centre. The chairperson also air acts as the communicator for Town Team decisions where appropriate.

More specifically, the duties and responsibilities of the chairperson are as follows:

1. to act as a liaison between town centre businesses and stakeholders and the Town Team

2. to promote the Town Team and its work

3. to provide independent advice and guidance to the Town Team

4. to develop the effectiveness of the Town Team

5. to develop and set the agendas for meetings of the Town Team

6. to act as chairperson at meetings of the Town Team

7. to recommend an annual schedule of the date, time and location of Town Team meetings

8. to review and sign minutes of Town Team meetings

9. to delegate responsibilities to the vice-chairperson and other Town Team members as appropriate

If you are interested in the role, please email

10 March 2017