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Visitors get 'hands-on' with Saffron Walden Museum collections

Saffron Walden Museum hosted a special 'touch tour' of its collections for visitors who are blind and partially sighted.

Hands On Museum

The group of volunteers and sight impaired members from local charity Support4Sight took the opportunity to get hands-on with items from the museum's natural sciences, archaeology and social history collections. Curatorial staff gave a brief talk about the objects - including brain coral, fossils, prehistoric tools and sea shells - and produced crib sheets for the volunteers who were supporting the sight impaired visitors to read.

Eileen Gladman, Ambassador Volunteer for Support4Sight, said: "It was fascinating to experience things from the past and the group appreciated the opportunity to touch and feel some of the objects. They found the local history gallery of particular interest."

Carolyn Wingfield, Curator at the museum, said: "We were delighted to welcome visitors from Support4Sight to the museum. This project enabled those who are unable to experience history through sight to experience it through touch, and was part of the ongoing work to enhance the accessibility of the museum's collections for visitors with additional needs."

The museum has received a grant from the Waitrose Community Matters scheme to put towards the cost of enhancements to help visitors with special needs and the Support4Sight visitors have been asked to suggest something the money could be spent on.

4 April 2017