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Hearing protection the focus of Noise Action Week

Uttlesford District Council will this week be raising awareness of the impacts of noise as part of the nationwide Noise Action Week (22 to 27 May).

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The focus of the initiative is children and the hearing problems associated with listening to music through headphones. The Council's Environmental Health team will be liaising with primary schools across Uttlesford and also promoting the service's new noise toolkit.

As part of a package of information and support aimed at schools, the toolkit raises awareness that prolonged and repeated exposure to noise when listening to loud music can lead to hearing damage, such as tinnitus. It encourages children who listen to music through headphones to follow the recommended practice of playing music at 60 per cent of the maximum volume for no more than 60 minutes a day to avoid hearing damage. Other risks associated with wearing headphones - particularly hazard awareness issues when cycling, walking and crossing roads - are also highlighted.

In addition, the Council is using Noise Action Week to raise awareness of neighbourhood noise nuisances which can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. In the past 12 months the Council has received a variety of complaints about noise, including concerns about barking dogs, DIY, loud TVs and music, parties, cars and house alarms. The toolkit provides information for residents who are experiencing ongoing noise issues, and the solutions to tackle them.

As part of the initiative, the Council encourages all residents to:

  • Consider the noise they make and the effect it has on others
  • Consider the noises that disturb them
  • Use practical solutions to everyday noise problems

If you want to complain about a continuing neighbourhood noise issue, please initially refer to the toolkit at

For more information about Noise Action Week, which is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK, visit

22 May 2017