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Six tonnes of rubbish collected on the A120

Over 1,200 bags of rubbish - weighing a total of six tonnes - were collected as part of a routine litter picking programme along the A120.

A120 litter

Four times a year Uttlesford District Council's Street Services team clean up the verges of the 11-mile stretch of highway that runs through the district.

Alongside the usual coffee cups, food wrappers and smoking waste, the team also cleared sheets of insulation board and plywood, wood and pallets, a broken laptop, credit cards, a wallet, a driving licence, keys, tyres, other vehicle parts and a child's booster seat.

Cllr Susan Barker, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: "It is disappointing that so much rubbish has to be collected along the A120, and even more disappointing to see that it builds up immediately after the clean-up.

"Litter clearance of the A120, or any fast-moving stretch of highway, can be hazardous for our team who must use signage and personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. The litter can also cause a safety problem for those using the road. If people did not drop litter in the first place, it would not have to be picked up. The resources it takes to keep our roads clean could be much better used on other priorities and services."

Cllr Barker added: "We would tell all motorists to be considerate and to not throw litter from their vehicles - and remind them that they risk a fine if they do so.

"We would also encourage everyone to join us in the fight against litter - if you see someone throwing rubbish out of their car window, please report it. The council will take action against offenders where it is possible to do so."

To report an incident of littering from a vehicle, please complete an online form at Remember to include as much detail as possible, including the registration number plate, the make and model of the vehicle, the time and date of the incident and, if possible, a description of the driver.

13 June 2017