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Uttlesford Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2022

The council has a new strategy aimed at helping local people to stay healthy.

The pdf icon Uttlesford Health & Wellbeing Strategy [1Mb] has been developed by theUttlesford Health & Wellbeing Board to set a direction for partners to work towards. It focuses particularly on preventative health.

Key messages

The key health and wellbeing priorities set out within the strategy aim to focus on health issues that are influenced by our lifestyles; including the types of foods and drinks we consume as well as how active we are on a daily basis. In addition, our health may also be influenced by where we live, how socially connected we feel and the condition of our homes, and these have been identified as particularly important matters within our district.

In Uttlesford, we have a high proportion of people aged over 65 years, and this is set to increase significantly in the future. The number of people living with dementia is also expected to rise by 79 per cent by 2030. It is therefore important that we think about how we can work with our local communities to enable people to live well and independently for as long as possible.

Some of the ways in which we will work with our communities to address our health and wellbeing priorities include:

  • Forming an Uttlesford Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), supporting the work of the established local DAA in Saffron Walden, raising awareness and creating dementia friendly communities
  • Working with local sports clubs and groups to help increase opportunities for people to be physically active, and in particular try to encourage those who are inactive to incorporate appropriate activities into their lives
  • Encouraging healthier offerings within local restaurants and takeaways to reduce the levels of salt, saturated fat and sugar within food products, and encourage healthier eating habits through the TuckIN campaign and other promotions
  • Promoting positive health messages via social marketing through the Livewell campaign
  • Promoting Making Every Contact Count in order to enable people to see the potential in helping others in more ways than one
  • Establishing opportunities to tackle social isolation, building and supporting community resilience


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