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Speaking at Local Plan meetings

Information for people who want to speak at the PPWG, Cabinet and Council meetings on the Local Plan.

The time allowed for public speaking at the Planning Policy Working Group meeting of 31 May has been extended to take account of the expected high demand for requests to speak at the meeting.*

The total time to be allocated for public speaking at the meeting on 31 May will be 1 hour.  Speaking will start at 6pm.  Each speaker will have up to 3 minutes to make their statement.  Those wishing to speak will be recorded in the order in which they contact Democratic Services.  The deadline for registering is 2pm on Wednesday 30 May.

In order to give time for speakers who are interested in different aspects of the plan and/or have a range of views, an assessment will be made of the final registered list to allow for a fair and balanced approach to the opportunity to speak to be adopted.  If numbers are such that not everyone can speak within the overall allotted time, a determination will be made as to who will be allocated a speaking slot.  The intention is to give fair division of time to speakers addressing a range of views.  Therefore all those wishing to speak will be asked to indicate what aspects of the Local Plan they wish to speak about, and whether they are objecting to or supporting proposals, to enable this assessment to take place. 

Once the final determination has been made, Democratic Services will then confirm to all those who have registered whether they have been allocated a speaking slot.

It may unfortunately be the case that not everyone who has expressed an intention to speak at the meeting can be given a speaking slot.  Those people who have registered but are not given a slot will be offered the option to remain on a reserve list, in the event that the allocated speakers take less time than anticipated. 

In order to enable those who have not been included in the final list of speakers to have the option to then contact others who have been given a slot, contact details of all those registering will be asked for, and permission sought to share those details with others hoping to make similar points.   If it is possible for speakers to liaise with each other, to minimise repetition, that will assist the timely management of the public speaking. 


*Similar provisions have been made for extended public speaking time at the Local Plan Cabinet meeting on 12 June (extended to one hour) and the Local Plan Council meeting on 19 June (extended to one hour 30 minutes).  The public speaking for both these meetings starts at 7pm; the deadline for registering to speak at the Cabinet meeting is 12 noon on Friday 8 June, and the deadline for registering to speak at the Council meeting is 12 noon on Friday 15 June.


Contact Democratic Services

  • Tel:  01799 510369/548 (for enquiries about Planning Committee meetings)
  • Tel:  01799 510430/433 (for all other Council, Cabinet and Committee meetings and general enquiries)
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