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Stansted Airport planning application update

UDC has requested that additional information be supplied before a decision can be made on the planning application.

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Manchester Airports Group submitted its application on 22 February, and a public consultation closed on 30 April. It was scheduled to go to Planning Committee for determination on 18 July but this is now not the case.

The council has been examining the robustness of the evidence supplied within the application, particularly in relation to surface access, noise and air quality. Ongoing discussions are taking place with relevant stakeholders including Highways England, Essex and Hertfordshire county councils, Natural England and engaged consultants, and further work is being undertaken.

This is expected to lead to additional information being submitted by the applicant to ensure that the Planning Committee is provided with all the information it needs to make an informed decision on the application. Until this information is provided, and consulted upon, the council is unable to propose an alternative date for determination.

As part of the consideration of the application, and following negotiations with the applicant, the description of the development has also been revised to provide clarity regarding the limit on cargo movements.

The revised description seeks permission for airfield works comprising two new taxiway links to the existing runway (a Rapid Access Taxiway and a Rapid Exit Taxiway), six additional remote aircraft stands, and three additional aircraft stands to enable combined airfield operations of 274,000 aircraft movements (of which not more than 16,000 movements would be Cargo Air Transport Movements) and a throughput of 43 million terminal passengers in a year.

A further consultation will be carried out once the additional information is received, and in respect of the amended description. The council also anticipates holding at least one public speaking session which will be in addition to the public speaking time available at Planning Committee. Further details on the consultation and public speaking arrangements will be publicised in due course.

In the meantime, the council will continue to meet with the applicant and other relevant consultees to discuss the progress of the application, whilst the Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) for this application will be re-negotiated in order to cover the extra work required.

The council would like to reiterate that the use of PPAs follows best practice and does not in any way impact on the outcome - it is not a guarantee of planning permission. The Planning Committee judge every application on its merits, taking into account the relevant issues as well as comments made by the public and statutory agencies.

Residents can find out more about PPAs on the council's website at

15 June 2018