Under the Hedgerow Regulation 1997 it is unlawful to remove or destroy certain hedgerows without permission from the Council.

This legislation is extremely complicated and only applies in certain situations. Permission is required, for example, before removing hedges that are 20 metres or more in length (or of lesser length if the hedge is connected to other hedges), over 30 years old and either of historic importance , supports a number of woody species or is of wildlife value as defined under the Regulations.

Properly undertaken management of a hedge does not require permission. Residential hedges are also not covered by these Regulations.

Application forms, checklists and guidance notes for a hedgerow removal notice can be found on the Planning Application Forms and Checklists page.

The right hedge can be an ideal garden boundary but the wrong hedge may bring problems. GOV.UK provides some guidance called Over the garden hedge on to help you agree what is right for you and your neighbours.

High hedges

If you would like to complain about the height of a hedge, please read the High hedges: complaining to the council guidance.

If you still wish to complain, the High Hedges complaint form and guidance notes can be found on our Planning application forms and checklists page.