How much is my Council Tax?

The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on which band your property is in, and whereabouts in the district you live. This is because different parish councils charge different amounts of Council Tax.

Uttlesford District Council collects your Council Tax and put it into a separate fund called the collection fund. This fund is then shared with Essex County Council, Essex Fire Authority, Police & Crime Commissioner for Essex and the parish and town councils.

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The Valuation Office Agency allocates each property to one of eight bands according to its value on the open market at 1 April 1991.

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Council Tax charges for 2022/23


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Appealing Council Tax Bands - When you become the owner of a property you can appeal your band value to the Valuation Office Agency within 6 months. If you do appeal you MUST continue paying your original Council Tax bill. If your appeal is successful we will refund any money that you have overpaid.

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