Change of Circumstances - Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions

Did you know you can now manage your Council Tax online?

Managing your Council Tax online using a hand held digital device


Manage your Council Tax online

You DO NOT need to register or sign in to use this service, however if you would like to view your own council tax account details, then there is an option to create a council tax login within the portal.See our helpful guides to using this service.




Please note that if you are applying for a council tax discount or exemption for the first time, this is not the correct form to complete. You need to fill out the relevant form in the Council Tax and benefit forms section.

► Tell us about a change of address


Change of circumstances regarding discounts and exemptions

Please use the link below if you need to report, for purposes of council tax discounts and exemptions entitlement, a change of circumstances. For example:

  • anyone moves into, or out of, your home
  • a change happens which may affect your entitlement to a discount , disabled person's relief or an exemption

► Report a change of circumstances (regarding discounts and exemptions)

Council Tax Discounts - how do I know if I qualify? ►

If a discount is granted it will last for as long as you qualify. If anything changes, you should contact us within 21 days so that your council tax can be recalculated.