Council Tax Discount - Flooding due to adverse weather

If you are a householder whose house has been flooded due to adverse weather and as a consequence you have had to move out of the property you could be entitled to this discount.

When applied alongside any appropriate unoccupied property discount it will provide a cumulative 100% discount from Council Tax for the householder for a period of up to 6 months.

To obtain the discount the following criteria must be met:


1. The property has been flooded in whole or part as a result of adverse weather conditions


2. The property became unoccupied because of the flood


The discount will commence on the day the property met this criteria and will continue for 6 months or until the property became reoccupied whichever comes sooner.

The discount is for the impact of flooding from adverse weather conditions and not, for instance, from the failure of a water main, internal water system or the failure of a sewerage system (unless the failure itself was caused by adverse weather).

Download a PDF of the Flooding Relief Application Form ► (PDF) [170KB] (opens new window)

Send your completed application form to:

Uttlesford District Council
Council Offices
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER