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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Extra bins

If you always have lots of recycling, have a large household or 2 or more children in nappies you can request extra bins.


Recycling and food waste bins

If you need extra recycling or food waste bins you can request additional:

Waste bins

You can also request additional grey-lidded waste bins (180 litres size) but your household must meet certain criteria.

To qualify for an additional grey-lidded waste bin, there must be either:

  • 6 or more people in the household
  • 2 children in nappies

If you household does not meeting these criteria but you still feel you need additional waste bins you can contact our Customer Service Team.


We do not charge for additional bins.


You can request an extra bin or bins using our online form.

Start now

After you've ordered

We aim to deliver your new bins within 10 working days. At busy times it can take longer. 

Once you have ordered your bin we will advise you what to do with your waste in the interim.