Empty Homes

We want to improve access to decent affordable housing by encouraging and supporting the owners of long term empty homes to bring these much needed homes back into occupation, to the benefit of the whole community.

UDC is part of a Consortium of  Local Authorities which is able to offer financial incentives to bring homes back into use through  leasing and other arrangements.. The PLACE scheme ( Private Lease Agreements Converting Empties) has been to be set up in conjunction with a RSL,Genesis Housing Association to offer  grants  to bring the dwelling up to the government's Decent Homes Standard in return for a lease arrangement.

There is also an option of a loan to allow a dwelling to be renovated for sale, whereupon the loan is repaid, or made available for letting, repaying the loan through rental income. The owner has full control over future occupation of the dwelling.

In the event of an owner being unresponsive to assistance offered, the Council will take enforcement action where an owner persists in leaving a property empty, or there is a danger to public safety, or it is seriously overgrown or dilapidated.