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Emergency repairs internal

An emergency repair is any fault, which threatens further harm to persons or property.

An emergency should be reported on:

Telephone: 01799 510510 - press 5 for Housing Services and then press 2 for Uttlesford Norse.


Outside hours

If your call is outside normal working hours, please call 01799 510510 and then press 2 for Uttlesford Norse.

When an emergency repair is accepted by the council, we aim to have a contractor at your property usually within three hours.

Three-hour priority

Emergency jobs that attract the three-hour priority are as follows:

Heating and hot water

Where you or your property is at risk due to a water burst causing a major water leak from any part of the heating system. Where, due to the failure of the heating system, children under the age of five, the elderly (retired), the disabled or the sick are in a situation without heating (between the months of October to April inclusive). We suggest that all tenants have at least one portable fan heater or an emergency. Please note: having no hot water is NOT considered an emergency.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas, call Transco (British Gas) on 0800 111999. They will isolate the meter and make safe where necessary.


In an instance of a general power failure in your area - Do NOT contact the Council - contact your electrical supplier. Where there is a loss of power to electric sockets throughout your property due to a fault within the dwelling or building, which could lead to a health hazard, please contact the Council.

Total loss of water supply

Before contacting us, please check with the water utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area.

Plumbing leaks

If a leak is causing damage, then it will be considered an emergency - especially if penetrating an electrical fitting. (In the interim you should turn off your water supply at your stopcock or gate valve).


Residents should always have the use of one toilet. If it is blocked and causing damage or preventing you from using the toilet the Council will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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