Rent arrears

What to do if you are having difficulty paying your rent or are struggling with bills and debt.


Updates on our service due to Coronavirus

We're aware that many tenants' financial circumstances have changed because of coronavirus.

We are following government advice and are contacting and working with any tenants who are having problems paying their rent at this time.

You should contact us as soon as possible if you're having problems paying your rent.

Some of the support available to residents:

•  Local Council Tax Support - help with your Council Tax payments 

•  Exceptional Hardship Fund - people who are experiencing exceptional financial hardship can apply for help from the Exceptional Hardship Fund 

•  Household Support Fund - as part of the nationwide efforts to recover following the pandemic, Essex County Council have been provided with some funding from the government's Household Support Fund (HSF). This funding will be used to help people with food, fuel and other household costs. Find how you can get help from the HSF

•  Universal Credit - this may help with your living costs

•  Employment Support Allowance - this is for people who cannot work due to sickness or self-isolation


If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your rent, do not wait until you have built up a large debt. The sooner we know about any problems that you are having in paying your rent, the easier it will be for us to help you with your difficulties. It is also easier to make plans to pay off a smaller amount of debt than a large one.

If you cannot pay your rent

Our staff are trained to deal with debt problems and will also try to help by making sure you are getting all the welfare benefits you are entitled to and, where appropriate, arranging for you to pay off your missed rent in instalments you can afford.

If you get behind with your rent, you may lose certain rights as a tenant (to transfer or exchange to another property). If you constantly fail to pay your rent, we will take legal action against you and you may lose your home altogether. We will also take legal action against you if you leave your tenancy without paying all the rent you owe.

You must tell us immediately if you are experiencing difficulties in or managing your rent arrears.

Remember, you will risk losing your home if you do not pay your rent regularly.

Our Arrears Policy (Standard Arrears Escalation Policy)

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Help for those suffering financial hardship

What to do if you can't pay your rent