Non-recyclable items in the recycling bin

If recycling bins containing non-recyclable items are not spotted by the crews before they are picked up, this can potentially cause a whole lorry load of recycling to be spoiled.

A very small percentage of non-recyclable items can result in tonnes of otherwise reusable waste being diverted away from recycling.

Uttlesford District council is committed to help residents recycle as much as possible. Uttlesford currently has a recycling rate of 49.8% and this is down to the great efforts from the majority of our residents. However, the wrong items being placed in the recycling bin remains a real issue. If a lorry load of recycling is refused by the recycling contractor due to this issue, this results in an additional cost to the council (and of course the taxpayer).

Let's tackle it!

Please make sure that all of the items you place inside your recycling bin are clean, all food must be removed.

If crews identify a recycling bin which contains non-recyclable items they will not empty the bin.

Instead a bin hanger will be attached to the bin highlighting which non-recyclable items have been found in the bin. When the offending items have been removed by the householder, the bin will be emptied on the next scheduled collection.

We will not return to empty your bin before your next scheduled collection date.

If residents continue to place non-recyclable items into their recycling bins and ignore the advice given on the bin hangers, a letter will be sent to the resident. This will explain the issue with their recycling bin and offer advice and will include a copy of the recycling guide. If it is deemed necessary the Waste and Recycling Officer will visit the resident.

Let's get recycling right!