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Applying for a Council or Housing Association home - Information

Eligibility for the Home Option

Most residents will be eligible to join the list if they have a local connection


A local connection is established when you have:

  • Three years continuously living in the District
  • Family who have lived in the District for 5 years and who provide substantial support
  • Working in the District for at least 24 hours a week for the last 3 years
  • In some cases a Senior Officer may agree exceptional circumstances for home seekers to access social housing locally

Some people are not eligible to join the waiting list including:

  • Persons from abroad with no recourse to public funds; this is set out in law
  • Persons not deemed to have a strong local connection; the criteria is quite specific
  • Homeseekers deemed to have sufficient funds to meet their housing need - not including sheltered housing applicants
  • Applicants with housing related debt
  • Applicants guilty of unacceptable behaviour which makes them unsuitable as a tenant


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Documents required for a HomeOption application

Once your online application is submitted, you should keep a note of your HomeOption application reference starting UDC/ and use it when providing further information.

We can accept PDF files via email but no other files can be used. You should only send in photocopies or bring originals to a Council reception desk.

As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to provide documentary proof of certain things such as:

  • Photographic identification
  • Proof of current address and tenancy agreement if you have one
  • Proof of a local connection - as set out in the council's Allocations Policy
  • Identification and proof of dependents to be re-housed with
  • Recent payslips
  • Copies of the last 3 months bank statements for all accounts
  • Details relating to previous accommodation where appropriate