Fees and Charges - Homes of Multiple Occupancy Licensing Fees


Please note the charges quoted below do not include VAT.

Environmental Health2021/22 charge £
HMO (Homes of Multiple Occupancy) Licensing Fees 
HMO licence fee for up to 5 bedrooms * part 1 fee533.50
HMO licence fee for up to 5 bedrooms * part 2 fee597.00
HMO licence fee for 5 letting rooms or more - charge per additional room                                31.50
HMO licence fee for up to 5 bedrooms - Renewal charge597.00
HMO licence fee - Incomplete Application 31.50
Reminder letter on failure to apply for a Licence31.50
Variation of licence (i.e. change in address or new appointed manager)9.50
Missed Appointment134.00
Any other correspondence such as sending out a final reminder letter                                       31.50


* The total cost of licensing an HMO in 2021/22 with Uttlesford District Council is £1,130.50 and is payable in 2 parts.
Part 1 fees are to be paid at the time of application to cover the costs of processing the application and inspecting the property. Part 2 fees are levied upon completion of the application process to cover the costs of running and enforcing the scheme. Applicants will need to ensure that Part 2 fees have been paid to the council prior to the licence being issued.

For 2021/22 a discount of 5% will be applied for valid applications that are received without a request from the council.
This will also apply to valid renewal applications received within the time specified by the council.

The licensing period is for 5 years from the date the application was made.
HMO Licensing fee charges will be subject to annual review from 1 April each year.


Environmental Health2021/22 charge £
Housing Immigration Inspection 175.50
Housing improvement notice - fixed price257.50
Suspended improvement notice - fixed price257.50
Prohibition order - fixed price257.50
Suspended prohibition order - fixed price257.50
Emergency prohibition order - fixed price257.50
Emergency remedial action notice - fixed price257.50