Coronavirus safety tips for taxi and private hire vehicle passengers

How to stay safe, maintain hygiene and how to make payments for your journey.

Your taxi drivers are ready whenever you need them. They are taking measures you keep you safe. Please follow these tips to keep them safe too (these tips are based on the latest government guidance on safer travel and have been put together by the Essex Residence Forum).

1. Follow the driver's advice

  • You may be asked to sit in the back left-hand seat if travelling alone
  • Face away from other passengers where possible

2. Keep your distance

3. Avoid physical contact

  • Be aware of the surfaces you touch

4. Maintain hygiene

5. Make contactless payments

  • Pay in advance or use a contactless card where you can
  • If you can only use cash do not place it in the driver's hand; wash or wipe your hands before and after you've handled it

More information

The government has issued some coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers.