Tenants' and Leaseholders' gardening competition 2020

If you are proud of your garden, then why not share some pictures.

SunflowerDust off your dibber and start showing us your petunias - we're not able to run the Tenant and Leaseholder Garden Competition this year but we'd love you to share some pictures of your favourite garden spots all the same.

What's happening this year

Due to the current circumstances, we are unfortunately unable to hold the annual garden competition this year.

However, we'd still love to see some pictures of all your green-fingered efforts, whether that's a fantastically manicured lawn, some colourful hanging baskets or even just some fruit and veg plants grown in pots on the window sill! Please do share what you've been up to on the gardening front by posting on our UDC Housing Services Facebook page.


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