Uttlesford District Council issues call for sites

Uttlesford District Council has issued a call for sites as part of its work on a new Local Plan.

Anyone may submit a site for consideration, as long as they have the owner's support. The council will then carry out site assessments and review them alongside other information as it works towards a draft version of the plan containing suggested policies and site allocations.

Cllr John Evans, Portfolio Holder for the Local Plan, said: "The call for sites is an important part of Local Plan preparation because it helps the council take all possible steps to identify available land for due consideration in the allocations to be made in the future plan making exercise.

"It is widely understood that the call for sites exercise gathers sites with potential for housing and employment development, and that these sites are often submitted by landowners and developers.

"However, the process can achieve so much more than that. We encourage - for the first time - people to submit sites for all types of use - including, for example, land that could have value as green space including that with potential for carbon capture and wildlife habitats."

If you would like to submit a site for consideration, please visit the new Local Plan webpage for further details. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Wednesday 21 April 2021.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will shape how future development takes place in the District over at least a 15-year period. It will place a strong emphasis on responding to the Climate and Ecological Emergency but also address a full range of environmental, social and economic issues, capturing topics such as homes, jobs, leisure, the design of new places and the distinctive character of existing places and the landscape.

15 January 2021