There's not long left to register for the Essex Energy Switch to save money

The Essex Energy Switch is about local communities coming together, supporting renewable energy and saving money on their gas and electricity bills - the more people that register, the bigger the potential saving per household.

Registering for the Energy Switch is quick, easy and helps you avoid searching for the best deals as all the hard work is done for you. 

Since the scheme launched in 2014, more than 17,500 people across the county have saved an average of £230 per household on their energy bills - more than £4.1 million across the county overall. 

This year it is an even better offer as suppliers will provide 100 per cent renewable electricity.

By joining a collective switch, made up of thousands of like-minded people, we increase our purchasing power and can negotiate a better deal from energy suppliers which are not available direct or via price comparison websites. 

You have until 9 February to register your interest. It's a free, easy and secure way to cut your energy bill without wasting time on comparison sites - all you will need is a recent gas and electricity bill. There is no obligation to switch supplier or tariff once registered so spread the word to friends and family and help more people see if they can save.

Everyone who registers will receive a personalised offer from Monday 22 February which details how much they could save by switching to the winning green provider, or cheaper tariff, it's up to you if you choose to accept the offer and switch.  

Once the registration window closes, energy companies will bid at an auction to see who can offer the lowest energy tariff.    

Once the winning bidder has been selected, anyone who has registered will be contacted by them directly with more details and if they choose to switch our trusted partner will take care of the entire switching process.    

Anyone that registered or switched their energy supplier through the Essex Energy Switch last year, will need to register again this year.    

Registering can be done online or by calling Big Community Switch registration line on 0800 048 8439 to register and receive correspondence by post. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm (please have a recent energy bill to hand).

28 January 2021