Council Tax charges for 2021/22

Find out how much Council Tax you will be paying this year.

Uttlesford District Council collects your Council Tax and puts it into a separate fund called the collection fund. This fund is then shared with Essex County Council, the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex and parish and town councils. These components of your Council Tax are called "precepts".

Uttlesford District Council keeps just under 9 pence in every pound of your Council Tax.

More information on how the council tax bill is calculated

The total of all precepts levied is £71,823,671 resulting in an average total Band D Council Tax of £1,884.72, an increase of £37.05 (2.01%) on the previous year.

Summary of average Band D council tax bill

Authority2021/22 Band D £Change compared with 2020/21 £
Essex County Council1,340.91+19.80 (+1.50%)
PFCC - Essex Fire73.89+0.00 (+0.00%)
PFCC - Essex Police208.53+9.90 (+4.98%)
Uttlesford District Council161.61+5.00 (+3.19%)
Town/Parish councils (average)99.78+2.35 (+2.41%)
Total Band D (average)1,884.72+37.05 (+2.01%)

The amount to be raised from Council Tax is then divided by the district's tax base to determine the amount each household has to pay. The tax base is the total number of properties in the district converted to "Band D equivalents" using ratios defined by law as follows:

  • a Band A dwelling pays 6/9ths of Band D
  • a Band B dwelling pays 7/9ths of Band D
  • a Band C dwelling pays 8/9ths of Band D
  • a Band D dwelling pays 9/9ths of Band D
  • a Band E dwelling pays 11/9ths of Band D
  • a Band F dwelling pays 13/9ths of Band D
  • a Band G dwelling pays 15/9ths of Band D
  • a Band H dwelling pays 18/9ths of Band D

Where your Council Tax goes

Council Tax is calculated using the precept levels set for funds required by Essex County Council, Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority and the individual town and parish councils together with the Council Tax Requirement set by Uttlesford District Council. The picture below shows, on average, where each pound of your Council Tax goes.

Council Tax 2021/22 who gets what

Check your Council Tax band

Find out the Council Tax band for your home by looking up its postcode.

Find your Council Tax band

Check how much Council Tax you will pay

Find out how much Council Tax you will be paying in your town or village.

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Summary of average Council Tax bills (all bands)

Information on Bands and the proportion of Band D Council Tax that is required, is listed earlier in this page.

BandDwellingsAverage 2021/22 Council Tax before discountsIncrease over 2020/21
H422     1.123,769.4474.10

In addition to the amount for Uttlesford District Council, the total Council Tax bill includes amounts for Essex County Council, Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex and the parish and town councils.

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