Chair's Charter 2021

In early spring a new 'Chair's Charter' will be launched. This is a commitment approved by full Council in December 2020, with cross part support, aimed at encouraging local businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards reducing plastic waste.

Residents, businesses and organisations will be asked to make up to three pledges, stating what specific actions they would like to take to tackle these issues. These will be small, achievable goals, with plenty of room for creativity.

Chair of the Council, Cllr Martin Foley, said: "I am delighted to adopt and promote this Charter, and by doing so, lead the community of Uttlesford in undertaking simple actions which will have far-reaching effects.

"Each action on its own might be small, but if we all commit to reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on single use plastics, we can make a real difference."

Keep an eye out for the upcoming launch, useful information about reducing your carbon footprint and plastic waste reduction, as well as exciting competitions.

12 March 2021