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Private hire operator: conditions of licence

Conditions that all our private hire operators must follow.


1. The operator shall keep a register of all private hire vehicles which the operator operates containing the following information:

a. The make and type of vehicle

b. The vehicle registration number

c. The name and address of the owner of the vehicle

d. The private hire vehicle licence number

e. The address where the vehicle is kept when it is not working


2. The operator shall keep a record of every booking of a private hire vehicle invited or accepted on behalf of the operator including:

a. The time and date of the hiring

b. The name of the hirer

c. How the booking was made (for example, via App, Telephone, Email, etc.)

d. The start point of the journey and the agreed pick up time

e. The destination of the journey

f. The fare paid

g. The private hire licence number of the vehicle

h. The name of the driver and the driver licence number


3. The register and records referred to in conditions 1 and 2 above can be kept in either paper format or electronically. The chosen format should permit inspection with the minimum of delay, and in any case within 24 hours, in response to a request made under section 56(3) Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. Where records are kept in electronic format facilities must be available for records to be printed onto paper and to be made available to an authorised officer of the authority or a police officer within 24 hours.


4. Records required by these conditions must be retained for at least one year.


5. The operator must notify Licensing in writing within 7 days of:

a. Any change of his or her residential address.

b. Any change of his or her business address.

c. Any additional addresses within or outside of the District from which the operator intends to carry on the business as a licensed private hire vehicle operator during the continuation of the licence.


6. The operator shall provide a prompt and efficient service to members of the public and in particular:

a. Ensure that unless delayed or prevented by some cause outside the control of the operator, vehicles attend appointments punctually.

b. Any premises to which the public has access for the purposes of booking or waiting are clean, adequately heated, adequately ventilated and well lit.

c. Ensure that any waiting area has adequate seating facilities.


7. The operator shall notify the Uttlesford District Council Licensing Team of any complaints made against the operator or any driver used by the operator within two working days of receipt of the complaint. This includes complaints received from third parties and relates to any journey whether a hiring by the public or from contract work. Any response to a complaint should be forwarded to the Licensing Team when made.


8. Ensure that public liability insurance is in place for any premises to which the public have access and provide a copy to the Uttlesford District Council Licensing Team.


9. Upon request from the licensing authority operators are required to provide the details of the licensed drivers and vehicles that are operating under their operator's licence:

a. Name and licence number of drivers; and

b. Registration number and licence number of vehicles.


10. Upon request from the licensing authority operators are required to provide the details of all contracts which the operator fulfils which start and finish outside of the district:

a. Name and address of the person or company who the contract is with; and

b. Starting point for journey; and

c. Destination of the journey; and

d. Registration and licence number of the vehicle carrying out the contract.


11. The operator is required to ensure that all persons that have access to their records, bookings and contracts have:

a. A basic disclosure check and completes a statutory declaration in relation to previous offences before being commencing employment; and

b. Completes a new basic disclosure at the time when the operator's licence is renewed.


12. Persons with access to operator's records, bookings and contracts, whether directly employed or otherwise, must satisfy the suitability standards that the authority applies to applicants for Private Hire Operator's licences. The operator is to keep records of such checks.


13. Where a premise is rented or leased within the district for the purposes of being an Uttlesford Licensed Private Hire Operator then a copy of such agreement must be produced upon application for the operator's licence.


Note: The authority takes the view that you must have premises within the district to be granted an operator's licence by Uttlesford District Council. Therefore an operator's licence expiry date will not be granted for longer than the time period that you can evidence you have rented or leased premises for.