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Community Project Grant guidance notes

Guidance to help you to complete an application for our Community Project Grant.

Please take time to read these guidance notes fully.

Who can apply?

This scheme is open to properly constituted voluntary organisations or similar body in Uttlesford such as village hall committees, community shops, town and parish councils, community associations, play and recreation clubs and groups. With regard to community facilities, applications may be considered more favourably where a realistic sum is charged for commercial letting.

If the scheme is oversubscribed applications from organisations in receipt of this grant in the last two years will be considered but will be given a lower priority than applications from organisations not having benefited during the last two years.

Which projects are eligible?

a. Grants will be considered towards expenditure incurred in the provision of any of the following:

  • development of land for recreational purposes, including environmental improvements
  • building/facilities that are available for community use e.g. village halls, community centres, public conveniences etc.
  • car parks and access roads to car parks directly associated with a community building
  • music and theatre groups
  • children's play areas, including equipment and safer surfacing
  • improvement, refurbishment or extension to any of the facilities outlined above
  • essential equipment that contributes significantly to the aims and objectives of the project
  • training or a one-off staffing cost that contributes significantly to the development of the project or increases benefits to the community. (Wages and salaries cannot be paid).

b. Projects must be completed after after 1 April 2023 and before 20 March 2024. Should a project be unable to be completed by this date then, except in a case where the grant is match funding for a pending lottery application, the grant provision may be lost.

c. The level of grant will be based on the estimates of the actual costs of the project, whichever is the lower. Provision for contingencies within the project cost which exceed 5% in any building or works contract will be excluded.

d. The cost of professional, legal or other relevant specialist fees may be included in the project costs.

e. Particular account will be taken of the financial resources of the applicant, including contributions from other sources, and funds raised by the applicant. The amount raised can be a capital sum, an amount guaranteed in writing or value in kind e.g. labour costs.

If your application is for more than £1,000 the amount raised must represent at least 50% of the total project cost. If the application is for less than £999 then 25% of the total project cost must have been raised.

Other sources of money received from us e.g. New Homes Bonus cannot be used as match funding for this grant.

Where the applicant is a parish/town council, account will be taken of funding from the precepted parish rate.

f. Applications for highway projects, pond maintenance, litter bins and cemeteries will not be eligible.

How much can I apply for?

The minimum grant available is £100 and the maximum is £3,500.

How do I apply?

Please complete the Apply for a Community Project Grant.

The closing date for receipt of the application is midday on Monday 17 July 2023.

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Your application will be acknowledged via email (where possible). If you do not receive an acknowledgement after one week please contact Sue Hayden on 01799 510563.

You will be informed via email (where possible) of the outcome.

When will I receive the grant?

If your application is successful, then we will transfer the grant by BACS when we are satisfied that works have been completed in accordance with the eligibility criteria, and we receive written proof of expenditures.

You will need to provide us with your organisation's bank details, account name, number and sort code. You'll also need to provide us with a proof of expenditure. We may request photographic evidence to show that you have completed your project. We ask that you acknowledge us in all your publicity and promotional advertising.

6. What special conditions are there?

a. If the recipient/organisation wishes to dispose of buildings/facilities that have been the subject of a grant, then it will be required to inform the District Council in writing of the proposal.

b. We reserve the right to require full or part repayment of the grant, following any such disposal of the building/facility.

c. Membership of the organisation making the application must be open to all and no exclusions made. We need to ensure that consideration is given towards the nine protected characteristics under the Equalities Act 2010.

d. We reserve the right to inspect the building/facility (at its discretion).

e. The books and accounts of the recipient must be made available, if required, for examination by the district council prior to the grant being made.

f. Where a grant is provided by the district council, it must be clearly shown in the accounts of the recipient.

g. Where appropriate, e.g. where the project affects the whole community, applicants are required to discuss their scheme with their relevant town or parish council and submit the comments of that council with their applications.

h.  We may ask for funds to be returned if invoices are not provided or funding not used for its intended purpose.

Any other questions?

Please contact Sue Hayden, community development officer on 01799 510563 if you have any queries regarding the community project grant scheme.

Notes to help you filling in the application form

Please give brief details of the project for which a grant is being sought.

Please give the address of the site where the project is to be undertaken.

Please give details, where possible, of people who are expected to use the facilities/ equipment/training e.g. numbers attending, anticipated proportion of residents and non-residents of Uttlesford. Your organisation needs to demonstrate to the council that consideration has been given towards the nine protected characteristics under the Equalities Act 2010. Details of the nine protected characteristics can be found on our Equalities and diversity page.

Please give details of the organisation(s) to which you have applied and the amount that has been requested or granted. Any donations in kind must be shown here as a monetary value.

Please include the length of lease and any specific tenancy conditions regarding use of the facility.

Please give details of the date that permission/consent was obtained or applied for and the relevant application number. If you are unsure whether permission/consent is needed, please telephone planning and building control department on 01799 510510. If you are applying for funding for disabled adaptations please discuss this in advance with the Council's Building Control department.

Your should provide us with the total cost of the project. This should be based on a bona fide estimate or quotation for the proposed project. It should exclude VAT where it is recoverable by your organisation.

You should show how much has been raised by your organisation towards the project. The amount raised can be a capital sum, an amount guaranteed in writing or value in kind e.g. labour costs.

If your application is for more than £1,000, the amount raised must represent at least 50% of the total project costs. If the application is for less than £999 then 25% must have been raised by the applicant.

Please tell us how much funding you are looking to secure from this grant for your project. The minimum grant is £100 and the maximum is £3,500.

If there is a shortfall, please advise how the funding will be secured for the works to be completed before 20 March 2024.

Please ensure that you have included all of the supporting documents with your application.

Applications received without the required supporting documents will not be considered.