Be 5G Smart

Discover the benefits of 5G!

Be 5G smartEssex County Council (ECC) has launched a campaign called 'Be 5G Smart', to raise awareness of 5G - the fifth generation of mobile internet.

Myths about 5G

There are lots of myths about 5G, so ECC is hoping to set the record straight on these, as well as show the benefits it can offer.

You may have heard rumours about the risks associated with 5G. These include factually incorrect stories about a link between 5G and the spread of Covid-19. In addition, there have been concerns around 5G exposing people to harmful levels of radiation.

Essex have addressed these concerns in their blog, which busts the myths commonly associated with 5G.


Not only will 5G allow people in Essex to use technology on the go like never before - it'll also revolutionise the way emergency services work, as well as help in the fight against climate change.

You can find out more by visiting the Be 5G Smart campaign page on the superfast Essex website.