Apply to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

You can apply to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.

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We are now seeking applications for projects that will deliver during year one of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund which runs up to 31 March 2023.

The aims of the Fund

Uttlesford District Council has been allocated £109,808 for delivery of projects up to 31 March 2023.


Decisions on successful projects are expected to be made during January and February 2023, with project delivery taking place from January 2023 up to 31 March 2023.

Due to the challenging time frame it is strongly encouraged that all potential applicants read through all the guidance before completing the online form which needs to be submitted by 12 noon on 14 February 2023.

Applications to submit projects for funding in years 2023-24 and 2024-25 will open in due course.

If you are interested you can contact the Uttlesford Business Team by email at to ensure that you are alerted to future opportunities.

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During year 1 applications are only invited under the Communities and Place intervention E11: Investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.

You can find more information about the interventions on GOV.UK.

Any legally constituted organisation can bid for funding from the UKSPF.

Bids from private sector organisations and registered charities will only be considered where they are for projects that will provide a service to benefit other organisations or individuals (i.e., if the intention of the project is to further your own business/organisation this will not be eligible). 

The UKSPF will not provide funding to individuals to deliver projects.

Pre-qualification criteria

You project will need to satisfy a number of pre-qualification criteria before you can submit an application. These are that:

  • your project aligns with the UDC UKSPF priority intervention E11
  • your project is ready to be delivered in line with the fund terms and conditions and can be completed by 31 March 2023 (year 1 only)
  • you can quantify the level of impact your project will have on the outputs & outcomes sought from the fund
  • you will comply with the procurement conditions set by UKSPF when spending funds for the following amounts.
    • up to £2500 - direct award
    • up to £25,000 - 3 quotes
    • more than £25,000  - formal tender
  • you have a project manager / senior responsible officer (SRO)
  • you are able to provide a risk analysis of the project proportionate to its size and nature
  • you have a firm understanding of the cost of the project and are confident that any fluctuation upwards in cost post award can be accommodated outside of the funding agreement


If you are interested in applying please email

All bids must be submitted by 12 noon on 14 February 2023.

You should read the government's UK Shared Prosperity Fund Prospectus on GOV.UK before starting your bid, along with all additional guidance that has been issued.

The UKSPF is a competitive process. UDC and the UK Government will not enter into discussions with bidders.

Assessment of bids

All  projects will be assessed by a local partnership group comprising key stakeholders from the public and voluntary sector.

Bids that fail to meet the criteria are ineligible and will be rejected.

Bids will be assessed against:

  • the criteria set out in the UKSPF Prospectus
  • the extent to which the bid meets the objectives of the UKSPF 
  • the extent to which the bid supports investment in the UKSPF priority intervention and the outputs and outcomes
  • the extent to which bids align with the UDC Corporate Plan 2022-2026

You can find full details of the scoring methodology that will be used to assess application in the UK Shared Prosperity Fund: guidance for applicants.

Conditions of funding

Successful applicants will need to sign a grant funding agreement with UDC, provide information relating to outputs and outcomes within the specified timeframes and will also be required to participate, at a later date, in an evaluation of their project to understand whether the proposed outputs and outcomes have been met.

The Local Partnership Panel, made up of representatives from the public and voluntary sector, has being established to have oversight of delivery of the UKSPF funded projects.