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Local Elections 2023 - Nominations

All you need to know and complete for the nominations for the Local Elections in May, including all the key documents and links to the Electoral Commission.

Local arrangements for May 2023

View the full election timetable (PDF) [114KB] for all legal deadlines and events.

Downloaded nomination papers once completed must be hand delivered to the Returning Officer's staff at the Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden.

Please tell us when you would like to come in by emailing us at or calling 01799 510434.

The deadline for ALL nominations to be hand delivered is 4pm on Tuesday 4 April. 

You are advised to deliver you nomination papers before the last day in case of any queries or issues.  

Please refer to the Electoral Commission guidance on standing for election - see above and the overview for District and Parish and whether as an independent or for a Party.

District Nomination Papers (Word doc) [94KB]

Parish Nomination Papers (Word doc) [222KB]

To assist you completing the nomination paper, an annotated copy of both papers for "reference purposes only" can be seen below:

District Annotated Nomination Paper (PDF) [832KB]  

Parish Annotated Nomination Paper (PDF) [466KB]

To assist your campaign you can request a copy of the full register of electors for the electoral area e.g. Ward or Parish for which you are standing. Please read and abide by the data protection guidance on use of the register as it is for electoral purposes only. You can also request a list of the current postal/proxy voters. These forms can be emailed.

Request for the register of electors (Word doc) [73KB]

Request for the list of absent voters (Word doc) [74KB]

As a candidate you are entitled to appoint various agents to help in your campaign - Electoral Commission guidance

The Electoral Commission also publish a  Code of Conduct for campaigners (PDF) [289KB] that all candidates and their agents should refer to.

If you are to have any supporters (PDF) [130KB]  of your campaign who may visit polling stations on election day you should refer to this guide.

The Electoral Commission also publish guidance on Tellers.

These should be printed, completed and delivered to the Returning Officer in accordance with the timetable. They can be emailed.

Postal voting agent (Word doc) [72KB]

Polling Agent (Word doc) [75KB]

Count Agent (Word doc) [77KB]

At all electoral events, all attendees must abide by the secrecy requirements (PDF) [187KB] .

Post Election

All district candidates should note that if you are successfully elected there is an induction timetable (PDF) [817KB] that you should acquaint yourself with. All elected district councillors will be handed a pack at the count. If you are elected you will need to sign up and abide by the code of local government conduct (PDF) [290KB] as adopted by Uttlesford District Council and local parish/town councils

After the election all candidates whether they were elected at the polling station or unopposed or not successfully elected, must complete and return a Declaration form along with an expenses return, whether you incurred any cost or not.  This is a legal requirement. District candidates are entitled to appoint a separate Election Agent and the agent must also complete a Declaration form.

The proper officer for electoral purposes takes receipt of these returns and holds them on deposit for 2 years from the date of the poll. Any queries on their completion should be directed to the Electoral Commission who publish a Spending and Donations Guide.

Dates for submission are set out in the timetable.

Declaration by Candidate (PDF) [18KB]  

Declaration by Election Agent - District only (PDF) [18KB]

Elections Expenses return (gi.ui.mediatype.spreadsheets) [84KB]

There is a legal limit that you can spend on your campaign and this form indicates the maximum sums.

If you are to print any leaflets etc you should refer to the Electoral Commission guidance on Imprints as this is most important.  

The maximum expenses limit in the Regulatory Period from the publication of the Notice of Election on 22 March: £806 fixed sum plus 7p per registered local government elector.

Electorate totals, number of properties and absent voter totals as at 1 March for Parish (PDF) [81KB]  and by District Ward (PDF) [66KB]

Electorate and properties for Uttlesford District showing all electoral areas (PDF) [55KB] .  

Unless otherwise prohibited such as with nomination papers, all forms can be emailed to