Step 1 - understand your business and what makes it tick

Firstly you'll need to understand more about you business - what are your main activities and how do you go about them.    


Questions you'll need to ask

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • How is that achieved?
  • What are your products/services?
  • Who is involved (internal & external)?
  • What deadlines do you work to? 


Complete a business impact analysis (BIA)

One of  the most important things you will need to do at step one of the business continuity management process is to complete a business impact analysis (BIA). This will help you to establish the vital areas within your business and to identify what resources are required to maintain them.  For example you might look at:

  • Which staff are vital for continuing the business
  • What equipment, IT, transport etc. staff will need to maintain communications
  • What do you need (IT, other resources) to maintain data and information
  • Which suppliers are crucial to your business
  • What premises do you need
  • What plant and specialist equipment are needed for completing orders or to deliver contracts


Your BIA can help you to put together a continuity plan that can be developed as part of the next step of the business continuity management process. 

Step 2 - assess the risks to your business